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Working From Home? Tips For Organizing Your Life

During the coronavirus pandemic, more and more offices are moving remote and many have the option to work remotely permanently. While working from home does provide you with more flexibility, it also comes with challenges. After all, you’re creating an entire office in a place where you most likely didn’t have one before!

Many people are working on their bed, in their living rooms, or at the kitchen table. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to devote to an office, there are unique challenges to staying organized in a home space versus your old office. Continue reading to learn a few tips for organizing your home office, and if you’re in need of a self-storage unit for those items that no longer fit your work-from-home life, contact ACE Storage in Bowling Green today.

Keep It Simple

At your office, you may have had photos and plants adorning your desk to spruce up your space, and while that’s something you can definitely add if it helps you, working from home is a great time to create a more minimalist workspace. After all, you can just walk into the living room (or turn around, if your office is in your living room!) and check out your personal items. Use your desktop to hold only what you truly need and find self-storage for the other possessions you want to keep. Then recycle, donate, or trash the rest.

Divide Workspace From Personal Space

If you have a 300 square foot apartment or share your space with roommates or family members, finding a way to separate workspace from personal space is a real challenge. Yet it’s one of the most important things you can do. Try utilizing a curtain to define a small workspace, and when it’s time to work, pull the curtain open, then when it’s time to “close the office” pull it closed again. If you don’t have room for a permanent desk, try using a fold-out table that’s only used for work. Or you can try a placemat that’s put on the kitchen table during work time that you can tuck away when you’re done with work.

Consider Storage

Things can pile up really fast, especially if you don’t have a desk or home office, and your work stuff can quickly combine with your personal stuff. Just like with your space, it’s important to keep your work items separate. Get storage containers, baskets, a filing cabinet — whatever you need to stay organized and keep yourself from getting distracted. If you need to clear out some personal items to make room for your new work materials, consider renting a self-storage unit.

Schedule Downtime

While it seems counterintuitive, studies show that people take fewer breaks when they’re working alone at home. That’s different, of course, for those also taking care of children or with other larger distractions, but if you’re home alone, it’s easy to stay at your desk for hours at a time. There are no coworkers to chat with or go for coffee, so be sure to schedule downtime or take a walk.

ACE Storage — Bowling Green Storage Facility

People choose to rent a self-storage unit from our facility for many reasons, and one of them is that they’ve started to work from home and need more space for their office. Our storage facility is clean, well-lit, and affordable. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us for our rates!