Man packing things for storage

Tips for Self Storage

If you’re looking forward to moving into a new apartment or somewhere out of town for work and do not want to give away your valuables, renting a storage unit can come in handy. Ace Storage provides storage units for rent as well as tips and tricks for a better self-storage experience!

Man closing box with tape

Gather Packing Materials

Gathering proper packing materials is a very important step in setting up your storage unit.

Self-storage can turn into a huge energy-draining project if not done right. Moving your valuables requires a lot of effort, and you don’t want to waste all your energy going back and forth to the store to get more packing supplies while you’re packing. A great way to pack efficiently is categorize your items going into storage and deciding the appropriate materials for their storage. Gather boxes, sharpies, bags, tapes, trashcans, bubble wraps, and more according to the items you are storing before you start on packing.

Prep Material of Storage and Unit

To ensure that you do not lose or damage your possessions, it is best to educate yourself about what preparations are required before storage to keep your stuff in top shape. For example, when preparing to store machinery for a longer period, it’s best to wipe it clean and grease it to prevent any damage from moisture and rust. Remember that it’s not only the stored items that need to be prepared, but the unit might also need work, depending on where you’re renting from. At Ace Storage, ask to see our clean and ready-for-storage spaces so you have one less item on your to do list!

Packing fragile vase in box

Extra Care for Fragile Materials

Even though it’s going in storage, you likely don't want to break that vase that you’ve cherished for years, right? Unfortunately, self-storage makes your fragile material more prone to breaking or wear and tear. To prevent that, you must do proper research to understand the best methods that can be used to save you from unfortunate mishaps. Some basic tips to remember is to stack lighter, fragile items on top of heavier ones so the lighter ones aren’t crushed or squished. Also, always label fragile materials so that they can be given extra care, and remember that bubble wrap is your best friend!

Less Is More

When choosing a storage unit, we advise that you try not to start with the bigger options because you are more likely not to stack your materials or use your space efficiently. Rent the least amount of room you'll require and pack efficiently to make the most of your available space. Remember to also think vertically when planning out how you’ll store your items, and try to use standard boxes for proper staking as similar boxes are easier to stack and waste less space.

When you’re looking for a storage unit, Ace Storage at Bowling Green, Kentucky, is your go-to self-storage company, with a variety of storage units to fulfill any requirements! In addition, we ensure the security of your valuables at great prices! Learn more today!