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Tips For Organizing Your Garage

Has your garage gotten out of hand? Is it where you dump things that no longer fit in the house? Want to park your car again but still have storage? Looking to create a great woodworking set up but need to move boxes? Your garage could be doing a lot more work, if only it were better organized! In today’s blog post, we’re sharing a few tips for organizing your garage. And if you have some things that you want to store elsewhere (maybe to make room for that new home gym?), we’ve got self-storage units for rent at affordable prices at our Bowling Green storage facility. Give us a call for rates!

Give Yourself Time

Set aside at least a full day, or even a weekend or two, to get the job of organizing your garage done right. You can also make decluttering a family affair or invite a few friends over to get things moving.

Start by pulling everything out and sorting it into three piles: keep, donate/sell, and toss. You can lay them on different tarps or mark out different areas of your driveway with chalk. Get rid of old paint, outgrown toys, broken items, expired chemicals, and things you haven’t used in years. If you’re having a hard time letting things go, try taking a photo to preserve the memory, but in a much more compact form!

Be Prepared

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not having the right storage items. It’s easy to throw things in one gigantic bin (that might not belong together) just because you only have one gigantic bin to store things in. Before you start really organizing, think about bins, baskets, and trash cans that you’ll need and gather them before you dive into organizing.

Keep Things Off The Floor

After you’ve found what you’re keeping and are ready to store, the first tip is to keep items off the floor whenever possible. If you’re looking to store your car in your freshly organized garage, it’s going to keep things from getting dirty or slushy in bad weather. More so, you’ll avoid amassing more piles of clutter and will be more likely to stay organized for longer. Putting up shelving is a great way to start organizing.

Utilize Vertical Organizing Systems

Along with shelving, try using things like pegboards for lightweight tools and track-based shelves that you can adjust to store larger, heavier items.

Use Overhead Space

The garage ceiling (like self-storage unit ceilings) is an underused area! It’s a great place to hang long, flat stuff like ladders and seasonal sports gear. Just make sure that any shelves you hang don’t interfere with the garage door’s operating or scrap the roof of your car.

Designate Spaces

As you're putting in all this storage and choosing what to keep and let go of, make sure that you’ve designated specific spaces in the garage for different things. Maybe the back corner is for working out, the north wall for your workbench, and the south for sports equipment. Make sure that everyone in your family knows what goes where, and consider creating cubbies for each person that will be using the space. That way everyone can work together to keep things organized well into the future.

ACE Storage — Bowling Green Storage Facility

Sometimes you simply don’t have enough space to store what you need — which is where our storage facility comes in! If you need a little more space, we have a variety of sized units, ranging from 5x10 storage units to 10x30 units. Our storage facility is clean, well-lit, and affordable. If you’d like to learn more about our storage facility or want to reserve a self-storage unit, please contact us for our rates!