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4 Things To Consider When Looking For A Storage Unit

If you are looking for a self-storage unit in Bowling Green, KY, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before putting down a deposit. Learn more below from the experienced team at ACE Storage and contact us to reserve your space today!


Access to Your Items

Not everyone is looking to store their items for long periods of time. You need to think about when you will need to access anything that you are storing. Make sure that you are able to retrieve anything of importance when you need it. Arranging your unit by placing higher-priority items near the front can help ensure that they are readily available.


What Are You Storing?

Some things don’t last when they are kept in storage spaces for extended periods of time. Make sure to consider this when you are deciding what you need to store and how long you will need to keep it there. You don’t want to risk your property sustaining damage simply by sitting in a storage unit for too long.


Will You Need to Add Items?

Your initial self-storage unit might be sizable enough to house your possessions when you initially invest in it, but what if you need to add more items in the future? Having a larger unit with a little extra space is always a good idea.



One of the most important things to factor in when it comes to choosing a self-storage unit is that you are working with a legitimate company that cares about the security of its customer’s property. You shouldn’t have to worry about your possessions when you are paying for your own personal unit at a private and professional storage establishment.

ACE Storage is your best option if you are looking for a reliable company and a secure storage space in Bowling Green, KY. Reach out to us with any questions that you may have and reserve your personal space now.

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